Product Usage, Safety and Right to Know Information

P21S products reflect efforts by highly dedicated and skilled chemists to provide you with products that are safe and easy to use and we want you to have a positive experience using them. This begins by understanding their purpose and how to use them properly. Below you will find a product label containing usage instructions, any required warning statement(s) and ingredient information.

Please note:

Some products are spray-on and hose-off and require the use of a garden hose and adequate water supply, while other products are wipe-on, wipe-off types and may, for example, require an applicator and/or soft cloth. Please don’t get their methods of use confused! Should you decide to purchase, we urge you to review the label’s usage instructions and any hazard warnings once again just before you begin using them. Thank you for considering P21S Products!


alumina (1344-28-1) polishing agent; water (7732-18-5) solvent; sodium palmate (61790-79-2) improve cleaning; potassium soap (8046-74-0) improve cleaning ; PEG-4 (5274-68-0) humectant (agent); glycerin (56-81-5) humectant (agent); vegetable fat (68956-68-3) surface protection; fragrance (confidential).