P21S Wheel Cleaners


The famous German-made factory approved way to remove corrosive brake dust from alloy wheels. Safe, pH controlled, non-acid, non-lye based, formulas are guaranteed not to attach any type of road wheel, braking system or other automotive surface.

While more costly to buy than the typical corrosive wheel cleaner found in discount houses, P21S Wheel Cleaners can be significantly cheaper to use over the long run based on the surface safety they offer. (Word of P21S’s now famous surface safety spread rapidly during the eighties as owners of expensive road wheels found out the hard way that not all wheel cleaners were created alike…ask Porsche owners who ruined their 911 5-spoke forged alloys!)

One key advantage of P21S Wheel Cleaners is that you don’t have to know all about wheel finishes to find your way to the right formula…

Many customers have been tricked by purchasing a cleaner for uncoated cast wheels only to find out that it destroyed a sensitive coating they never knew was there in the first place! When we introduced P21S in 1984, we believed that our competitors’ strategy of offering different formula cleaners for different wheel types was a disaster and we still believe so today. Simply stated, P21S Wheel Cleaners  work safely and effectively on every type of wheel and wheel coating on the market. No guesswork required! Factory approved by some of the world’s leading automakers!

P21S Wheel Cleaners are available in two formulas:

Regular Formula P21S – for normally soiled wheels that typically receive frequent cleaning. Spray on, touch stubborn spots with a sponge and rinse off with a sharp stream of water.

Gel Formula P21S – for wheels that tend to soil heavily due to higher braking speeds, softer brake pads or infrequent cleaning. Spray on, allow to stand up to two hours, touch stubborn spots with a sponge, and rinse off with a sharp stream of water. Gel composition clings to vertical surface to provide increased cleaning effect.

Each P21S Wheel Cleaner is available in three sizes:

500 ml (16.9 fl oz) – Set with sprayer and sponge, wheel care booklet

  • Regular Formula – Part No. 10500B
  • Gel Formula – Part No. 10500G

1000 ml (33.8 fl oz) Refill – Bottle (accepts sprayer from 500 ml set)

  • Regular Formula – Part No. 10001R
  • Gel Formula – Part No. 10001G

5 liter (1.32 US gal) – Canister

  • Regular Formula – Part No. 10005L
  • Gel Formula – Part No. 10005G

Sprayer – heavy duty sprayer for 5 liter canister, with six foot spray hose.

  • Part No. 10005S